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October 12, 2012 / lgcolors


We all walk it, experience it, smelt it? everyday. Yes i’m talking about our very own stairwell here at the office.  It has seen better days that’s for sure.  So what can we do about it?  Let’s brainstorm some ideas!

Our group designs sweet staircases and stairwells for projects all the time.  Check out this one we did for the Grand Center Arts Academy:

Now that we all have Photoshop CS6 on our computers lets put it to good use and throw out some ideas! (or sketch/paint a picture with your words)

Cool Graphics? Mosaic tiles? Reclaimed Wood Planks? Fireman’s pole?

I’ll start off with an easy one, marker board on the walls:

Here are some base files to work with, go crazy!

September 7, 2012 / lgcolors


Congrats on moving from contract to full time! As one of our newest hires, what is your impression LG so far?

Thanks! I really love the atmosphere here and the hearty welcoming that I have received from everyone. I definitely feel like a little fish in a big pond at LG (the firms I’ve worked at before have been 15 or fewer people at the most); however, I do enjoy the small firm feel that LG has. I know I have a lot to offer LG in terms of design experience and project processes, and I feel like my opinions and input are valued and appreciated. That kind of work atmosphere makes you want to come to work every day.

Considering the skills you have, which ones do you consider your biggest asset?

 I would say my biggest asset is probably my positive attitude. I know a constant sunny disposition can be annoying to people sometimes but that’s just who I am. Trying to always see the positive in a situation is definitely helpful with stressful deadlines during the design phase and especially during the construction process. I’m definitely a “go with the flow” kind of girl.

So, you have a couple dogs….tell us a little more about them.

 I have 2 miniature schnauzers (a girl and boy) that were both from different rescues. Natalie just turned 4 and Jack just turned 3. They pretty much are my “furry children” and run the house. If you are friends with me on Facebook, 90% of the posts, pictures and videos involve the dogs and the random things they do that I find entertaining, like howl at the neighborhood children, cuddle on the couch together, bark at squirrels… they have a pretty tough life. The only real personal photos I have on my desk are pictures of these two dogs… hopelessly devoted or deeply disturbing, I’ll let you decide on that one.

Last movie that you saw?

Ted, the bear movie with Mark Wahlberg… that should pretty easily clue you into my sense of humor…. Cussing children’s toys

Favorite designers?

Beside the classic designers: Eames, Saarinen, Nelson… but over the past few years, I’ve been fascinated and slightly obsessed with architects that are building homes from old cargo shipping containers. I love that kind of practical reuse to create really modern and clean lined home with tons of glass and open concept living spaces. I secretly have my modular home designed already (in my head), now I just have to build it.

What do you do when you’re not working?

Besides catering to my “furry children”, I spend a ton of time working on my house and doing all those typical annoying homeowner chores. Other than that, I’ve started reupholstering furniture and random dumpster treasures for family and friends. I also love music and going to concerts: mostly rock, alternative, metal… you know what you usually expect an annoyingly cheerful designer (who loves sundresses and sequins) to listen to!

September 4, 2012 / lgcolors

PROJECTS – BeefBar Mexico. Not your daddy’s steakhouse.

Poyet & Humbert’s design for the first Beefbar in Mexico at the Hotel Camino Real Palanco blends curves and straight lines, textures and mineral materials to create a luxurious and refined atmosphere, without the stuffy steakhouse stigma.

Souce: images

August 29, 2012 / lgcolors

INSPIRATION – Grün Eerde Farum Lights

Grün Eerde Farum Lights, yes please!

August 24, 2012 / lgcolors

PROJECTS – How Poland does police stations.

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Full Article

PROJECT: Voivodeship Police Headquarters in Poznań
– conversion of main entrance and lobby
Pracownia Architektoniczna POZNAŃ-PROJEKT
mode:lina architekci

August 20, 2012 / lgcolors

INSPIRATION – A Day Made of Glass 2: Same Day

“A Day Made of Glass 2” is a montage of “how highly engineered glass, with companion technologies, will help shape our world,” according to Corning.   Read More

August 10, 2012 / lgcolors

INSPIRATION – 3form LightArt charette

3form LightArt employees design and create unique pieces based on their experience of natural forms.

More photos and videos of their process here: