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July 10, 2012 / lgcolors


It’s been 1 year now, how do you like working at LG? 

This year just flew by. I love the people at LG. I think everyone here have been so helpful, supportive, and really cares about what you do and how you feel about the work you do. We all have a good time during work and outside of work.  I had a chance to team up with other designers on 3 major projects. One is in the works, the other is starting soon and I’m finishing up another one all within this year. I am able to see it from start to finish which is GREAT!!

Where do you draw your influences from? 

I find my influences a lot from textiles, product and art. I look through a lot of interior magazines and fashion as well. A lot of times, I find influences that really catches my eye, use it and add a little of a ‘sara’ twist to it.

Favorite design trend? 

I love a simple/eclectic design…if there is such a thing. I love mixing the new with the old/classic but very clean and simple.

What is in your CD player/ipod right now? 

I’m listening to the new Usher and Justin Beiber CD. 🙂 and I love it!!!!


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